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Welcome to Pharmaid Ghana!

welcomeWelcome to Ghana’s most innovative public health advocate. At Pharmaid, we seek to pioneer innovative, strategic and goal oriented health solutions that promotes, provides and preserves good quality health.

Utilizing pragmatic initiatives, we empower our clients to optimize their healthcare investments through the prevention and early detection of diseases as well as access to the most effective but affordable treatment or management options.

At Pharmaid, we empower healthcare. Read More…


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healthy_livingdepositphotos_6350355_sHealthy Living & Weight Loss:

Gaining weight is easy for some people. However, losing it isn’t that easy. That is not to say it cannot be done. It can be done with focus, determination and self-belief…. READ MORE


imagesHow To Fight Malaria:

Methods used to prevent the spread of disease, or to protect individuals in areas where malaria is endemic, include prophylactic drugs, mosquito eradication, and the prevention of mosquito bites…. READ MORE


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